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HEAL WOUNDS of Your PAST, abandonment, guilt, rejection, feeling unwanted, unloved, ignored, sadness, anxiety and more!

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Hi, my friend, I will cast this very special ritual to HEAL WOUNDS of YOUR PAST, abandonment, guilt, rejection, feeling unwanted, unloved, ignored, sadness, and anxiety. Have YOUR PAST, wounds been causing emotional distress? This spell is cast to heal your old wounds of abandonment, rejection, feeling unwanted, unloved, ignored and more causing you sadness and anxiety. This spell will HEAL OLD WOUNDS, REMOVE NEGATIVE ENERGY FROM YOUR BODY and SPIRIT AND PROTECT YOU FROM ALL DARKNESS AND NEGATIVITY TRAPPED INSIDE YOU to REMOVE of dark spirits, negative energies, evil spirits, old vows, curses, hexes, and BARRIERS to success and happiness from your past and cleansed your Spirit.

I will add prayers to the ancient gods in addition to my spell, to help you on your healing journey. Now is the time to move on as I assist you on your journey.

I carry out most of my work in nature at sites known to have been used for rituals for thousands of years leading back to the Stone Age through the Bronze Age, Iron Age, Viking Age and beyond. These places are known archaeologically because of findings of sacrifices and remains from spell work, and I use the same places so I can draw upon all the magic that is loaded in the air, the water, and the earth. When I then do my spells, I can draw upon my own powers, the ancient powers, and the spirits that have gathered there for thousands of years.

I am blessed to be living and traveling to places where these ancient sites are in our landscapes and people have been using them since the beginning of time when humans first came here. These places represent the liminal space between our world and the other world and doing my magic in the old ways has been very powerful for me and my clients.

I will clear all the blocks in your way to let the desired energy flow towards you as I call upon ancient powers to assist me when I do your work.

I need you to work with my magic and to keep an open positive mind and attitude, for you to be patient and trust in the higher powers. Keep your intentions clear on what you desire.

The spell will start to work the minute the spell is cast, but it can take time to fully manifest. Please give the universe time and all will unfold as it is to be.

You may now FEEL GOOD AGAIN. This special spell was cast to heal you and remove negative energy, anger, frustration, anxiety, and to remove blocks to success, relationships, and confidence and to protect your spirit from all evil forces and surround you in Light and Positive Energy, to remove all negative energy and trapped emotion and trauma.

FEEL GOOD AGAIN. You will love this healing!

Your spell will usually be done within 24 hours unless it is the weekend or if I am traveling.

I supply all materials. I infuse candles with an ancient secret INTENSE Potions, PLUS OILS.

I will EMAIL or send a MESSAGE through ETSY with your Certificate of Completion. Please send me your full love needs and wishes with names and intentions in the notes during the checkout at purchase.

Please note that this candle is not sent or mailed to you. I will do the lighting, casting and burning for you within 3 hours, and email your Certificate of Completion to you within 24 hours. If your order is sent late at night it will be cast first thing in the morning.

My rituals are PURE LOVE POSITIVE ENERGY using the World’s most famous and POWERFU Laws of Attraction.

I use no black magic, evil, occult or witchcraft, so my spells work is PURE and can never bring any harm to you. They are 100% safe and are the most powerful rituals that exist, handed down only to descendants of the Templars.

I do not practice occult of any type, nor is it good to use dark power, as it can backfire.

My rituals are pure, ancient Mayan Spells, through The Law of Attraction, deep Transcendental meditation and Silva Prayers, which I have practiced and mastered over 30 years, the most effective rituals practiced throughout all the ages of mankind.

My clients worldwide report an extremely high rate of success and all feel the power is worth having on their side.


Heal Past Wounds, +for 2 people, + for entire family


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