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Psychic Insight: Is it possible to heal an old injury with psychic healing?

Psychic Healing

A psychic healing is a ritual, a spoken or thought request, such as a prayer. There are many different forms of healing rituals, such as Reiki, laying on of hands, prayer, energy work, spells and many more too numerous to list. There are numerous reports daily of such healing being successful, some made public, such as televised on the rather mainstream 700 Club for example, but there are many more that may not be as mainstream or publicly reported but are successful nonetheless.

Faith is an extremely powerful force, and depending on the strength of the person praying or giving the psychic or spiritual healing, or performing the healing ritual, and the faith (or positive mindedness) of the person being healed, there seems to be no limit to its powers.

Blondey is a Master in harnessing the Laws of Attraction and her clients do report success in healing nearly every day.

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Psychic Insight #3: I’m going to a psychic to ask if my ex will come back. Should I believe this?

Psychic Insight #3

Of course, this depends on who you see and what they tell you. If a psychic tells you that this has already been predestined and he will 100% come back, this should be a red flag. Psychics can see and feel things, giving you invaluable insight, but predictions are never 100% because every outcome still depends on your choices and free will. The psychic, if genuine, will most likely be able to tell you what you can do to greatly increase the chances, or what not to do to avoid a possible breakdown of a reunion. The psychic may also be able to tell you if this was ever a real relationship a good match, or if there is another door opening to a different and or better outcome.

The relationship between a psychic and client is very important, and I will always make YOU my top priority. I care deeply for my clients and almost always form a life long bond with them.

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psychic insight #3
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Psychic Insight #4: Is there any scientific proof of psychic abilities?

So….Is there scientific proof?

Scientific proof? If you think you have never had a psychic experience, you may want to think again. Psychic and metaphysical experiences occur in our regular life, and you don’t have to be a psychic to experience them. In fact, this can happen to all people, even to some brilliant scientists who also experienced them.

Psychic experiences are hard to recognize because they encompass many activities that we may consider common. Psychic experiences can be as simple as a feeling that something will happen or a dream that came true. It could manifest as a sense that someone had good intentions or flashes of light in your peripheral vision.

When the higher consciousness is activated, a person is more prone to psychic experiences. A more dictionary definition involves having something to do with the psyche, an occurrence beyond the natural or known physical processes, or sensitivities to forces outside of the physical world.

While psychic experiences are generally confined to the mind, a metaphysical experience can involve your whole body. If you have ever heard the phrase, “out of body experience,” someone may have been referencing a metaphysical experience.

Metaphysical experiences can be defined as astral projections, near-death experiences, lucid dreaming, or similar occurrences. These experiences can serve as an awakening to the reality of nature and the reality of self. They can occur spontaneously or through the practice of meditation.

Often times, it seems that science and the metaphysical or psychic realms are at odds, however, this is not always the case. Many scientists have had psychic or metaphysical experiences that informed and influenced their scientific work.

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor

Dr. Taylor is a neuroanatomist, studying the structure of the nervous system, at Indiana University. In 1996, Taylor suffered a stroke and a left hemisphere brain hemorrhage. This event led to a metaphysical experience, lifting Taylor from her body and making her hyperaware of each of her cells at the same time.

The bleeding in her brain led her body and mind to disconnect. While she was aware that something terrible was happening, she felt oddly relieved. In fact, she described the experience as nirvana.

Today, she combines science with her spirituality, authoring books and presenting at speaking engagements. She strives to teach others how they can experience this same level of nirvana and disconnect without suffering a stroke.

She encourages others to step around their left brain, which controls ego, time, and logic. She steps into her right brain for creativity and empathy. Her TED Talk in 2008 gained more than 25 million views and inspired others to change their self-oriented view of reality.

Dr. Diane Powell

Dr. Powell began her career as a neuroscientist before obtaining a medical degree. She is now an author and researcher as well as a public speaker and psychiatrist. Her work focuses on psychic experiences, using science to understand psychic phenomena.

Her book, The ESP Enigma, looks at human consciousness and how something nonmaterial can come from something material, such as our brains. Powell firmly believes in psychic abilities and claims that they can improve our understanding of consciousness.

She has turned her attention to autistic savants in recent years. According to Powell, psychic abilities align with findings in modern physics. Topics like psychokinesis can be explained as consciousness as a force field, and precognition implies that past, present, and future are concurrently existing.

Albert Einstein

One of history’s most famous scientists believed in the power of psychics. Like everything else Einstein did, he had unique views on time and thinking. His views of a space-time continuum argued that past, present, and future exist together, making metaphysical experiences possible.

Einstein believed in telepathy and felt that Upton Sinclair demonstrated the phenomenon in his book, Mental Radio. He also consulted with a well-known psychic in the 1930s. Gene Dennis had strong connections with clairvoyance and fortune-telling, which Einstein found fascinating. He stated that Dennis was able to share information with him that no one else could possibly know. (Note: My last name is also Dennis.)

Have you had a psychic experience?

Chances are, you have had a psychic experience whether you realized it or not. You don’t have to be a psychic or consult a psychic to have a psychic experience. Psychic ability is subtle for the everyday person. It can easily go unnoticed or be written off as something else.

If you’ve ever experienced the following occurrences, you probably had a psychic experience.

You felt that something was going to occur before it actually happened. This can be a strong feeling that something bad will happen or having a random, nagging thought. These events are often written off as coincidences, but they can really be much more.
You felt guided to do something that prevented you from being harmed. If that nagging feeling or gut intuition ever kept you safe, it could be a psychic experience. These feelings are usually illogical, so we ignore them when in fact, we should be paying closer attention to those deep tugs that won’t go away.
You felt that someone was watching you. If you get a strange tingle or weird vibe that feels like someone is watching you, only to find out that they really are watching you, it could be a psychic experience. Most people have experienced this event, and we usually ignore it as nothing more than coincidence.
You had a dream that later came true. Our dreams are already very telling. They represent our subconscious and the world around us in ways we cannot explain. Dreaming about an event that later comes to pass may indicate a psychic experience.
You’ve been visited by a deceased loved one. It may sound creepy but having a loved one who has passed visit you in a dream can be comforting.

You got a weird vibe from someone. You might have a better read on people and be able to sense if they have bad intentions. This can indicate a psychic experience.


Psychic experiences occur more often than we realize. These phenomena are usually small and subtle, going unnoticed in our day to day lives. However, that does not make them any less real. Even the great minds of our day and impressive scientists through history acknowledge the existence of psychic and metaphysical experiences. Overall, understanding these occurrences can help you become more aware of them and recognize them when they happen in your life.

But, some people have psychic abilities that are extremely developed, fine-tuned and practiced to the point where they rise above all and are EXPERTS. Blondey is a natural-born AND practiced psychic, world-renowned for her special skills in metaphysics.

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scientific proof os psychic abilities

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How Does Mind Reading Work?

A Bit About Mind Reading

Each experience and person is very different, but personally, what I find interesting, is that most people who may seem strongly opinionated about something, upset and/or even a bit aggressive, are actually much more vulnerable, “softer,” than they may come across in their spoken words. I have found that the thoughts of a person who seems angry, is usually having thoughts of fear, much more than actual anger, and the inner dialog is more along the lines of a need for help, support and for someone to hear them, to listen….

I also often see thoughts of injustice, that something is just not fair, and of being misunderstood. These thoughts seem to be long-running, repetitive, and in many minds that I have read.

Of course, this is not the case in all people, but sometimes a mind-reading can give you good insight, or help to understand another person’s views. Blondey will be honored to read a person’s mind and report back to you.

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Psychic Readings – What are they?

A Bit About Psychic Readings

There are many kinds of psychic gifts, so how a psychic receives your messages, insight or answers depends on his or her psychic gifts. Some psychics are clairvoyant, which means “clear seeing,” and can see people, situations and/or objects that are not visible to others. They may also see spirits and even call upon them to get their messages.

Some psychics are born with an ability to see outcomes of a situation or even several possible outcomes, depending on which choice a person makes (using their free will.) These psychics are often extremely helpful to the client to make his or her best choices to result in the outcome they desire. A channeler, or medium, is a person who is gifted with the ability to communicate with the deceased. Many people find comfort in a channeling session with this kind of psychic to find closure or ask questions to unanswered issues after the loss of a loved one.

There are also specialized psychics who are gifted with telepathy, and can psychically read thoughts of another person or to even put thoughts into someone else’s mind. Twins often naturally have this gift, a special bond that connects their thoughts from conception.

So, basically, they attract the messages that are meant for the clients, and then relays them from whatever source they came, spirits, thoughts, visions, feelings, cards, astrology, numerology, empathy, calling on Spirit, intuition, or a combination.

Psychics who are empathetic, sincere, devoted and caring are the best. Although humans are individuals and each have a unique set of circumstances and different life experiences, our situations often have much in common. This is because we are all connected spiritually. An expert can pick up on these connections, karmic bonds and feelings, and through this gift can see possible outcomes.

This does not mean that all psychics are “fortune tellers” as some may believe. Humans have free will, and decisions change all the time, so really one cannot always concretely predict events that have not yet happened.

The purpose of a reading is to see where things are now, and to give insight on where they will be headed unless or until something within your control changes. This is the benefit of a reading and the difference between it and “fortune telling.”

An expert can often see what is to come, meaning where it is headed unless something changes, and also often sense if the person is even inclined to make a change. This kind of reading can at least warn the client as to what may be needed to prevent something from happening or to cause something to happen. You are always in control of your destiny.

It’s important to remember that psychics who are empathetic, sincere, devoted and caring are the best. Be on the lookout if a psychic you interact with is not this way as this can be a red flag. Although humans are individuals and each have a unique set of circumstances and different life experiences, our situations often have much in common. This is because we are all connected spiritually.

Are you searching to learn more about psychics, readings and healings?We have psychic Insight #2: Is it possible to heal an old injury with psychic healing? Faith is an extremely powerful force, and depending on the strength of the person praying or giving the psychic or spiritual healing, or performing the healing ritual, and the faith (or positive mindedness) of the person being healed, there seems to be no limit to its powers. You can read more about this by clicking here.

psychic readings