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Psychic Insight: How Does Mind Reading Work?

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Each experience and person is very different, but personally, what I find interesting, is that most people who may seem strongly opinionated about something, upset and/or even a bit aggressive, are actually much more vulnerable, “softer,” than they may come across in their spoken words. I have found that the thoughts of a person who seems angry may be having thoughts of fear, much more than actual anger, and the inner dialog is more along the lines of a need for help, support, and for someone to hear them, to listen….

I also often see thoughts of injustice, that something is just not fair, and of being misunderstood. These thoughts seem to be long-running, repetitive, and in many minds that I have read.

Of course, this is not the case in all people, but sometimes a mind-reading can give you good insight, or help to understand another person’s views. Blondey will be honored to read a person’s mind and report back to you.

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