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Good SLEEP, CALM, and PEACE! Good sleep is important to all aspects of your life, get optimal sleep now!

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Good SLEEP, CALM, and PEACE! Good sleep is important to all aspects of your life, get optimal sleep now!
Hi, my friend, GET GOOD SLEEP. Feel great again! This is a very special and powerful ritual using the Law of Attraction and Reiki Healing to enhance healthy, restful, deep sleep, get rid of anxiety and feel calm and peaceful! Good sleep is important to all aspects of your life. This spell inspires an optimal sleep schedule so you can fall asleep with ease and wake up rested and refreshed and for your body and mind to completely relax to sleep deeply through the night.
This is a powerful REIKI DISTANCE HEALING SESSION that I repeat each day for 30 days for EXTRA POWER. Extra Options include an Aura cleansing and an Option to Balance your Chakras for an extreme Energy Restoration for you to have deep peaceful SLEEP, to CALM YORU MIND AND GIVE YOU PEACE.

Intention: To send Reiki healing physically emotionally mentally and spiritually of past present and future lives, restore your SLEEP, give you CALM and PEACE, positive energy, enhance your vibrations, and for your CHI to flow freely and REMOVE ALL DARKNESS FROM YOUR PERSONAL PURE AURA. To heal you emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, to increase energy, positivity, focus, luck, determination, happiness, positive thinking, mental and psychical health, and attractive appearance, for you to feel more positive, to improve your emotional state, to have a clear mind, true joy and face life challenges, to HEAL AND open your mind, to improve AND HEAL YOUR KARMA AND CLEANSE YOUR AURA, to reduce stress. TO SURROUND YOU IN PROTECTION, TO SURROUND YOU and heal you from all dark forces and elements AND to continuous protection from all negativity around you.

Each one of us experiences times in our lives when we cannot sleep. feel anxiety, and distress caused by intense negative energy. If the negative energy is strong and forceful, it can disrupt your body’s natural energy field, its spirit or chi or prana.

Distant Reiki is gentle and very effective at the same time and always working even if you do not experience an immediate physical sensation.
To experience the Reiki energy more consciously, imagine breathing healing energies into your heart or crown and allow yourself to feel light filling your aura as it travels to a specific area of your body.
Energy treatments often make people feel happier and lighter. Sometimes this may not occur until after the entire processing period but more commonly reported by clients to be about 24-72 hours.

Once released, all negative energy from the session is neutralized. It dissolves into the wide world of charge around us, and you are free to move forward, barrier free, a new you!

Reiki always works for the highest good and most benevolent outcome of all concerned. Symptoms or situations may appear to get worse after a Reiki healing. If that is the case, please follow your inner guidance about what steps to take and trust that it is part of the healing process.

This is not an alternative to traditional medical attention or treatments. Please see a medical professional for any and all medical concerns, diagnoses, treatments and advice. Keep in mind I never give medical diagnosis or advice


Deep Sleep Spell, +Extra Energy


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