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Emotion Code Clearing to Remove Negative Energy from your Body and Spirit

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I will cast this very special ritual to REMOVE NEGATIVE ENERGY FROM YOUR BODY and SPIRIT

The Emotion Code is a method of healing created by Dr. Brad Nelson, a certified chiropractor that releases trapped emotions that can sabotage your emotional and mental health, relationships, success, happiness, money issues, wellness and more.

I perform your release by proxy through an energy attunement session through a PROXY HEALING, which means that I use myself as a substitute for your body to complete YOUR HEALING. Every person in the world is different. They each have a different personality; a different physical and energetic blueprint or signature. But, our bodies have a natural ability to communicate with others, no matter where they are, by creating an energetic connection with them. Highly effective. EMOTION CODE CLEARING of ANCESTRAL DNA MEMORY CLEANSING AND HEALING and PROTECTION SHIELD to remove any and all curses AND PROTECT YOU FROM ALL DARKNESS AND NEGATIVITY TRAPPED IN YOU to REMOVE of dark spirits, negative energies, evil spirits, old vows, curses, hexes, and BARRIERS to success and happiness from your past and cleansed your Spirit.

FEEL GOOD AGAIN. You will love this healing!

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EmotionCode 1 Person, for 2-3person, for more than 3, + HOUSE & Property


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