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Become Extra Sexy and Good In Bed Get & Stay HARD SURGING ORGASMS Enhance your Prowess

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Hi, my friend, For Menand Women, to become EXTRA SEXY and dripping in sex appeal! I will cast the very powerful and EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE SEXUAL PROWESS SPELL to make you GREAT in BED, give you LASTING POWER, to GET and STAY HARD TO enhance sex appeal, and make you SUPER SEXIER to bring dramatic success in increasing your libido and sexual prowess to the MAXIMUM, increasing PASSION and sexual pleasure beyond all imagination, for males to INCREASE of size, EXPANSION of girth of your manhood, with surging orgasms and ENHANCED pleasure and lasting power and for females to increase BEAUTY, SEXUALITY, rejuvenate the vagina, perky breasts, smaller waist, and multiple orgasms.

Wildly increase the attraction of desirable hot lovers, your sexual and sensual satisfaction and sensations in a HOT, arousing, positive, fun, loving, and healthy sex life by STIMULATING YOUR CELLS to make you STUNNING, NOTICED, ADORED, and CRAZY ATTRACTIVE. Amplify your natural PHEROMONES that SEND OUT SIGNALS making you SUPER DESIRABLE TO DRAMATICALLY ENHANCE YOUR SEXINESS and BEAUTY.

This Mayan Sexiness will DRAMATICALLY INCREASE YOUR SEXUALITY making you 1000 times more IRRESISTIBLE and ATTRACTIVE, make you feel increased passion and pleasure, and attract more love, more romance, fun, and put adventure and spontaneity in your love life, make you appear to be 1000 times more fabulous looking, confident, energetic and passionate, with increased attractiveness, with a purity of heart and soul, matched with courage, confidence and competence to make you sexy and become even more attractive.

Attract more enjoyable experiences.·

Accentuate your sexual attractiveness and enhance your natural chemistry, sexual talents and abilities.

· Make you even more sexually appealing and increase overall physical and emotional satisfaction.

· Increase sexual magnetism, and quantity and quality of encounters.

This spell will ATTRACT lovers to you as though you are an EROTIC magnet!

Your spell will be done on the same day as your order, usually within 3 hours.

I will EMAIL or send a MESSAGE through ETSY with your Certificate of Completion. Please send me your full love needs and wishes with names and intentions in the notes during the check out at purchase.

Please note that this candle is not sent or mailed to you.
Your spell will usually be done within 24 hours unless it is the weekend or if I am traveling.

My rituals are PURE LOVE POSITIVE ENERGY using the World’s most famous and POWERFU Laws of Attraction.

I use no black magic, evil, occult or witchcraft, so my spells work is PURE and can never bring any harm to you. They are 100% safe and are the most powerful rituals that exist, handed down only to descendants of the Templars.

I do not practice occult of any type, nor is it good to use dark power, as it can backfire.

My rituals are pure, ancient Mayan Spells, through The Law of Attraction, deep Transcendental meditation and Silva Prayers, which I have practiced and mastered over 30 years, the most effective rituals practiced throughout all the ages of mankind.

My clients worldwide report an extremely high rate of success and all feel the power is worth having on their side.

Previously the Top Rated Psychic another platform, Blondey has now moved to ETSY. Reviews from actual clients!
“She delivered ahead of time and with such great accuracy.”
“Her Beauty spell is an absolute must in my beauty routine, the results are visible straight away !”
“She said many, many things she couldn’t have known.” “I trust her completely.” “Michelle_22”
“She always amazes me and I cannot wait to come back again….”
“What I love is I can give minimum information for complicated issues and she gets me…her spells work..and I’ve been a customer for years now..”
“Blown away by reading.” “Not something I would have thought possible”
“Always there when I need her..she’s the Best trust me!!!” “Nivaska13”
“I really enjoyed the reading! She was soft caring and peaceful with her words.” “I didn’t hear what I want to hear, but still comforted me on the way she explained everything.. thank you so.” “maddy56”
“This reading hit right to the center of me. She is gifted and offers much love her readings and services.” “Dandj”
“This gave me chills! “My 2 passions…writing and painting! How could anyone know that?”
“All characteristics you named from my past, match me to the T!” I will def recommend your services and look forward to hearing my next one! “Hopeandpeace”
“For more complicated issues a custom spell can do wonders…thank you for helping me in my time of need again!
Very kind, prompt and descriptive. “You get more than what you pay for, highly recommended.”
This reading brought tears to my eyes and as I read, I felt the words coming to me as if she was right here talking to me. Thank you for sharing your gifts with all of us <3 you truly are amazing !!
consistently the best reader ever! “She is compassionate and supportive but also very insightful tuning into things you have felt but perhaps never told anyone.” “She is quite simply amazing!” “Moonphase88”
“Always like when she works for me ! Highly recommend to everyone from a repeated customer :–)”
“She is a very professional person and extremely helpful to the customer’s needs. “For me she is the best.” “Michelle_22”
she is very sweet and caring of her clients.. “I felt positive energies working with her I am looking forward into the changes.” “Selfcaehaven”
“Always a delight to work with!! “Her spells really work and leave a deeply uplifting energetic impact!” “Selfcaehaven”
brings a beautiful spiritual element into every spell cast, providing great energetic healing and movement!! “Nicoleabella”
“This was wonderful. She delivered days earlier than expected.”
I loved this. It resonated with the situation and was very informative. “Once again a great reading with useful information!”
“This reading was beyond what I could have ever expected and added gift she included as well was amazing. “Positiveatt”
“I wanted to have some guidance from the new path I am taking in my life and I got it. “Everything she figures out about me is 100% accurate…”
Whenever she’s done something for me,it has been always worked. and I know this will work as well too… im glad to have her by my side.really a wonderful person..god bless you 🙂
Wow this was a fascinating reading that relates to my characteristics and also the love in my life. “I really do feel like I relate to some of the struggles in my past life with my negative emotions and specific feelings.”
“She possesses an astounding gift in the reading past lives.” I’ve wondered for a long time of what I had done, and where I had been before– And now, I finally have these answers! “Selfcaehaven”
“Great spellcasting as usual, got the technological aspect of evidence working again and looking forward to a great result this week as well!!
“She knew more about me than most and I feel her predictions are spot on.”
“The reading was very reassuring, and I felt that it was done with much compassion and thoroughness. “Supersaiyan159”
“When you get your reading you feel shocked in a positive way how she accurately answers your question. “Zamar1”
“You are incredible at what you do! “Kgirl25”
“I’m a repeated customer for 3 years. “I’m thankful that I found her here 3 years ago, she is a truly gifted person!”
“I am so grateful for Mysticsfive assistance & recommend their experts in  healing if you have emotional blocks that you’re having difficulty clearing.”
“OMG Blondey is the best! “I tried for 3 years to have a baby, and ONLY after her spell was I able to conceive – Now I am DUE in June!!!!”


Good In Bed, + Lasting power, + Lust attraction, + Surging Orgasms, +Penis Increase size, +Vagina Super Tight


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