Strawberry Full Moon June 2024 PLUS SUMMER SOLSTICE Very Special Power Spell & Prayers

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Unlock the transformative power of the June 20th, 2024 Strawberry Full Moon and Summer Solstice with our exclusive 28-day ritual. This powerful spell, cast 10 times daily and recast at noon, harnesses the peak of the Sun’s energy to manifest your deepest wishes, attract good luck, and bring health, love, and wealth into your life. Experience the added potency of our candle lighting ceremonies and spiritual remedies to cleanse negativity, enhance mental clarity, boost immunity, and balance your chakras.


Unlock the Power of the Strawberry Full Moon and Summer Solstice!

Celebrate June 20th, 2024, with a powerful 28-day ritual designed to manifest your deepest wishes and attract positive energy. Align with the peak of the Sun’s power and summer’s abundance to bring forth your dreams and goals.

What You Will Receive:

  1. 28-Day Ritual:
    • 10 Casts Daily: Performed every day for maximum effect.
    • Recast at Noon: Daily to ensure sustained power.
  2. Candle Lighting Ceremonies:
    • 6 Summer-Colored Candles: Lit at noon and midnight to amplify wishes.
    • Bonfire Ceremony: A large bonfire on June 20th to boost spell power.
  3. Spiritual Remedies:
    • Silver Candle: Erases negativity.
    • Orange Candle: Enhances mental clarity.
    • Red Candle: Boosts immunity.
    • Purple Candle: Balances chakras.
    • White Candle: Cleanses karma.
    • Green Candle: Releases suppressed emotions.

The Benefits:

  • Good Luck: Attracts favorable outcomes.
  • Health Protection: Shields against diseases.
  • True Love & Happiness: Draws love and joy.
  • Wealth & Good Fortune: Opens pathways to financial success.
  • Manifestation of Dreams: Helps achieve your goals.

Special Features:

  • Protective Shield: Guards against negative influences.
  • Wealth Attraction: Boosts financial success.
  • Love Binding Spell: Ensures favor in relationships.

Why This Spell?: Harness the energy of the Pink Full Moon for good fortune, health, wealth, and success. This powerful, personal ritual attracts positive outcomes from both expected and unexpected sources.

Take the First Step Towards Abundance and Success

Align with the potent energies of the Strawberry Full Moon and the Summer Solstice. Transform your life and reach your highest potential.

Order Now and experience the transformative power of this special ritual.

Blessings Blondey,

Note: Results may vary. This spell is intended as a spiritual aid and is not a substitute for professional advice or treatment.

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