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Implant THOUGHTS in their MIND to influence his or her mind .

$ 125

I will Implant Thoughts to Influence their MIND to make them think what you want! The person will think and hear the thoughts you choose! Do you want him or her to think certain thoughts? Without these newly implanted thoughts, he or she will only be influenced by those around him or her. So if you want YOUR thoughts to be influencing him/her I will make an astral projection visit to their mind and remotely implant the thoughts you desire.

Do you want to know what he or she is really THINKING? Or to CHANGE the mind of someone?

Or to ERASE bad thoughts of someone’s mind?

Or Want to send a message to your loved one, friend, boss, coworker, or a total stranger?

Or to find out what someone thinks about you ?

I will make an ASTRAL visit going deep to READ this person’s mind   –  EXTREMELY Powerful Mind Reading is accurate Or INFLUENCE someone with thoughts to your favor Or make an ASTRAL visit to IMPLANT thoughts of your choice into their mind )Mind Influencing)

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+++ Notice: I give you the TRUTH so that you can make your best decisions +++

My astral visits to implant your messages or read minds are safe using ONLY Positive Energies, with NO Bad Karma, occult or backlash of any kind.

I will implant their subconscious to accept your message and influencing them to act on them.


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